Fact sheets

Blue-green algae Download [2MB]
Learn more about this naturally occuring organism that can impact recreation activities.

Closing lakes Download [1MB]
Read about why we restrict activities or close lakes when there is a potential public health or safety risk.

Fire management Download [1MB]
Our fire management program aims to protect life, property and the environment.

Fluoridation of water suppliesDownload [1MB]
Fluoridation in Queensland is regulated in accordance with the Water Fluoridation Act 2008 and Water Fluoridation Regulation 2008.
Visit http://www.health.qld.gov.au/fluoride/water_fluoridation.asp for more information.

Gold Coast Desalination Plant | Download [1MB]
The Gold Coast Desalination Plant turns seawater into drinking water for the Gold Coast, Logan and Brisbane. 

How dams work Download [1MB] 
Discover how our dams provide a safe, secure and cost-effective water supply, as well as help mitigate floods.

Land management | Download [1MB]
Managing the health of our catchments is vital to providing a safe, secure and cost effective drinking water supply.

Cathodic protection | Download [1MB]
Cathodic protection systems protect metallic structures, such as underground water pipelines, from corrosion.

Play it safe Download [1MB]
General tips on how to play it safe at our dams, lakes and parks.

Play it safe (Boating) Download [1MB] 
How to play it safe while boating.

Play it safe (Swimming) Download [1MB]
How to play it safe while swimming.

Play it safe (Multi-use trails) Download [1MB]
How to play it safe on our multi-use trails.

Water quality and recreation Download [1MB]
Read about how we balance community access with our essential role of ensuring a high quality water supply for the region. 

Weir safety Download [5MB]
Weirs are dangers and unpredictable - learn how to be safe around weirs.


Fact sheets